Just three months after the release of "Beautiful Thugger Girls," Young Thug unleashed his latest material on the world. The joint project, which is inspired by martha stewart (see below), was announced by DJ Carnage in December, with almost no information available until the EP was confirmed a couple of weeks ago with the release of "Homie" featuring Meek Mill. It's Carnage's first release since his "Step Brothers" project with G-Eazy and it has already garnered a lot of buzz following the world premiere of "Liger" on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio yesterday.

The EP consists of four tracks and is said to already have a sequel on the way. It's available now on iTunes and can be streamed on Apple Music.

The Martha Stewart effect

While it may seem odd for a rapper to take inspiration from the TV cooking magnate, DJ Carnage explained the connection to HNHH: "I wanted take like everything we love about Thug, and put steroids in that. It's just, you know, Martha Stewart, in her prime when she was making billions of dollars. She's a boss. Before she had to take that L, but when she was takin' them dubs...That was Young Martha. This whole thing is going to be so dope." So, maybe the best-selling author/ex-felon has more in common with rappers than you might think.

This isn't Stewart's first venture into the rap world -- let us not forget "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party."

Young Thug's enigmatic nature

It is unsurprising to hear once more from the prolific rapper, who is known to frequently record on the fly, much like his hero, Lil Wayne, and may be sitting on a vault (hard drive) of over 1000 songs.

He's captured the headlines in recent years due to eccentricity such as riding a horse around Atlanta, receiving vitamin injections instead of eating, and claiming to only listen to his own music and to have never seen more than ten movies.

Growing up in the Atlanta projects as one of eleven children has impacted Thug's outlook and lifestyle (he takes copious amounts of drugs, gambles and had six children by his early 20s), though his penchant for women's clothes has made him something of an outsider, operating within a genre that still often prizes masculinity as a sacrosanct characteristic.

Jeffrey is a truly unique individual, uninterested in the zeitgeist, as demonstrated by his other-worldly musical style and outlandish fashion choices. What to expect next? The unexpected...

Tune in later today for a live Q&A about the EP with DJ Carnage: