Big B's

Chance the Rapper, notorious recording artist, songwriter, producer, and even philanthropist, released a brand new song featuring Young Thug, hip-hop artist, titled "Big B's."

The track is an exclusive to SoundCloud. "Big B's" comes after SoundCloud faced extensive rumors on social media, which claimed that the platform was bankrupt.

And this week, Chance released "Big B's", or big business according to Young Thug. The track already has more than 1.81 million plays in three days, which makes it a success by any and all streaming and music business standards.

SoundCloud Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

There has been serious talk in the music industry circle and in the news about SoundCloud facing bankruptcy and closure since early this May.

Reports on several different news sites claimed that the platform was scrambling for money, doing things such as cutting the price of it's paid Go service by 50%, offering their Go+ service for just $1 for three full months, and looking for potential buyers to purchase the streaming company. Specifically, there were claims that the streaming platform would sell itself to anyone offering more than $250 million.

A week after SoundCloud laid off more than 150 employees and shut down two of its offices, Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud Co-Founder and CEO, made a public statement regarding the future of the company.

He stated that the noise being made about SoundCloud is "just noise," and that all the tracks uploaded and liked by the platform's users is going to be okay by saying "your music is safe."

After the rumors had been denied by the company themselves, chance the rapper tweeted on Friday that he had a "very fruitful call" with Alexander Ljung.

There are speculations that Chance single-handedly saved SoundCloud, but the certifiable truth is that the streaming service is "here to stay."

Free Music for All

Chance has been notorious for his good deeds in and out of the music industry, and especially for his enthuthiasm towards free music.

Since the beginning of his career, Chance the Rapper has been loyal to the SoundCloud streaming service. He has repeatedly claimed, in tweets and interviews, that SoundCloud is the music platform that cares the most about artists and audience.

Chance has made three of his albums exclusive to the platform ("AcidRap," "The Social Experiment or SoX," "Coloring Book," and "Merry Christmas Lil' Mamma" in collaboration with Jeremih). Some of his tracks are also available for free download on his website,

This new exclusive SoundCloud track, even after winning Grammys and topping industry charts, shows that Chance has not forgotten his committment to free music.