The "Star Wars" franchise is turning to one of its reliable directors to calm the disturbance that recently beset the production of Episode IX. This was caused by the departure of director Colin Trevorrow because of his differences with the studio in terms of the project’s vision.

It was confirmed that J.J. Abrams, who helmed the very successful Episode VII, “The Force Awakens,” will replace Trevorrow as director. Entertainment experts interpret the decision of Disney Pictures to resort to Abrams is a way to calm and steady the "Star Wars" franchise, which saw several major changes lately.

J.J. Abrams, who will also co-write the sequel with Chris Terrio, has already proven himself with the success of the first “Star Wars” sequel, “The Force Awakens,” which grossed over $2 billion worldwide and received five Academy Awards nominations in 2016.

Reliable hand

According to WIRED, bringing Abrams back shows that the studio is “less interested in having new perspectives to the "Star Wars" world” as what it needs more importantly at the moment is a “reliable, experienced hand who can at least pull the fleet out of trouble.”

WIRED pointed out that the director already has established relationships with the franchise's stars, technicians, and producers and these can lessen complications.

Job also offered to Rian Johnson

Deadline reported, that the director’s job was also offered to Rian Johnson, who helmed the second episode of the trilogy sequel, “The Last Jedi,” however, Johnson decided not to take the offer to replace Colin Trevorrow.

Past spin off issues

Before Colin Trevorrow’s departure, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were also given the boot as co-directors of the “Star Wars” spin off about the young Han Solo. According to a THR report, the reason was "deep fundamental philosophical differences" in filmmaking styles and the directors felt they were being given "zero creative freedom."

Prior to this, the spin off “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” went through some extensive reshoots after the film’s first cut left the studios unsatisfied.

Writer and director Tony Gilroy was brought in to help the project by writing new dialogue and directing some additional scenes.

“Rogue One” went on to earn over $1 billion in total worldwide box office sales and received positive reviews from critics.

New release date

With the confirmation that J.J Abrams will now direct Episode IX, it was also announced that the release date of the third and final film of the “Star Wars” sequel has been moved to December 2019 instead of the original May schedule.