Patty Jenkins has finally signed a contract to return to the directing chair and work with Gal Gadot for “Wonder Woman 2.” The confirmation of Jenkins’ directing job will add more credibility to the much-anticipated sequel to this year’s breakout superhero film.

Officially starting

According to Variety, Patty Jenkins may have been paid as much as $8 million to produce, direct and write “Wonder Woman 2.” This amount will make her the highest paid female director in history. It is also said that a substantial backend deal was brokered so she can earn from the box office draw of the film when it gets released.

Patty Jenkins has already started her work on the script for “Wonder Woman 2.” She is tasked to work on the screenplay with Warner Bros. Pictures executive Jon Berg and DC Films representative Geoff Johns.

Even before the success of the superheroine movie, Patty Jenkins already had a bright reputation in Hollywood. She famously wrote and directed the movie “Monster,” starring Charlize Theron in an Oscar-winning role, in 2003. She was also nominated for an Emmy for helming the pilot episode of the AMC TV series “The Killing.”

The success of ‘Wonder Woman’

The modern live-action “Wonder Woman” was always destined to be a hit. But even the most optimistic box office experts did not anticipate that it will be able to cross $800 million worldwide.

This makes the movie as the highest grossing film ever directed by a woman, beating out Phyllida Lloyd’s “Mamma Mia.”

Collider also reports that the success of the film starring Gal Gadot may be indicative of an ongoing trend of female-led mainstream studio films earning well at the box office. Just this year alone, “Beauty and the Beast,” which stars former “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson, earned $1.26 billion in worldwide ticket receipts.

This feminist reawakening may also result in more women heading behind the camera after they get inspired with Patty Jenkins.

The sequel to Diana Prince's story will be in theaters on, December 13, 2019. Gal Gadot, on the other hand, will next be seen in “Justice League,” which will see her reprise her role as Wonder Woman with other DC superheroes like Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

Patty Jenkins is also busy developing a TV series that will air on TNT called “One Day She’ll Darken.” The show, which will be led by Gadot’s co-star Chris Pine, will be an adaptation of the autobiography of Fauna Hodel.