This coming Thursday, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing will once again carry on with the daily lives of “Will & Grace,” one of the most iconic “gay guy-straight girl roomies” ever seen on screen. Great has been the clamor by longtime fans and the supreme confidence that its home the NBC network has in the show that the “Will & Grace” revival has already been renewed for another season. The two leads and their other two costars Mega Mullally and Sean Hayes have all been itching to share just what viewers can expect from their comeback.

Theme song with lyrics

There has been just so much build-up in anticipation for “Will & Grace” season 9 – from NBC executives to production people, to cast, to fans – that an appearance by the main quartet on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” last Friday only served to hype up the show some more. McCormack, Messing, Hayes, and Mullally performed a hilarious take on the sitcom’s familiar opening ditty by singing lyrics to go with the tune. It was mostly the stars singing about the iconic roles they play with a few one-liners or two, with Fallon also butting in towards the end, singing about his abortive cameo in the show.

Eric McCormack, who portrays gay lawyer Will Truman also hints at just how “Will & Grace” will tackle current issues on its comeback engagement.

"We’re going to be as progressive and offensive as we can be,” he declared. “If we don’t offend somebody with every show, we’re probably getting a little safe.”

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McCormack has always considered “Will & Grace” to be a great show that has become part of TV culture history, something he is proud of. The sentiment is shared by Sean Hayes, who plays Will’s flamboyant gay friend Jack McFarland.

In his opinion, while the sitcom ran no less than eight seasons from 1998 to 2006, he believes they “had more to say.”

When “Will & Grace” co-creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan approached McCormack about reviving the show over a decade after it ended, he expressed his trust in them when they assured him that they would have plenty of new stories to tell.

His main costar Debra Messing, aka Grace Adler, agreed that a number of stories Kohan and Mutchnick had lined up for new episodes of the sitcom on NBC was a winning prospect for her. This was only reinforced by the sheer enthusiasm the network had in approving another 13-episode season to follow after the 16-episode comeback. 'Will & Grace' season 9 kicks off on September 28 at NBC.