Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are getting married in "Fifty Shades Freed" that is coming to theaters in February 2018. A 65-second teaser was uploaded on Saturday. It was for the third and final installment of the E. L. James erotic trilogy featuring Dakota Johnson wearing a long-sleeved and lace gown for her wedding with Jamie Dornan's character.

'Fifty Shades Freed' teaser features Mr. and Mrs. Grey

"I solemnly vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others, and promise to trust and respect you and to keep you safe for as long as we both shall live," Christian Grey narrated in the video.

"All that I have is now yours."

The teaser also showed a topless Christian Grey enjoying the beach, while Anastasia Steele was looking at his chiseled body from afar. The "Fifty Shades Freed" teaser also showed fans some intimate scenes between the two characters. But then it escalated to a tension-filled scene where Dakota Johnson's character was being followed by someone while driving alone.

At some point, Christian Grey was seen holding a gun against an unknown person before the scene transitioned to a man holding a knife against Anastasia Steele's neck.

The perpetrator who attacked Dakota Johnson's character is believed to be her former boss, Jack Hyde, from Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP).

The character promised revenge after he was fired from the company for threatening to expose Anastasia Steele's relationship with Christian Grey.

Meanwhile, Kim Basinger's Elena Lincoln is also expected to show up in "Fifty Shades Freed" to make the couple's lives miserable.

The internet reacts to 'Fifty Shades Freed' teaser

Fans of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy could not help but feel excited watching the third and final film of the franchise.

Most of them took to social media to express their eagerness to celebrate Valentine's Day with Mr. and Mrs. Grey.

Ever since they starred in the BDSM-themed film adaptation series, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have been mired in controversy.

Some fans questioned the real deal between the two actors, while others are convinced that the on-screen couple are having an affair.

Both actors, however, have denied all these accusations on multiple occasions. In fact, the 27-year-old actress clarified to Entertainment Tonight that she and her co-actor have developed a close bond since they started working for the film series in 2015. "There were no inhibitions, and it was very honest, very trusting," she explained.

Catch the return of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades Freed" on February 9, 2018.