Many fans are now excited for the up and coming premiere of the “Vikings” Season 5. Spoilers suggest that the upcoming new season might feature another death after Ivar the Boneless murdered his brother Sigurd following a heated argument in the aftermath of their successful crusade to avenge the passing of the Viking King.

Recently, History has confirmed that it will continue the action-packed series for a 20-episode sixth season. The news arrived ten weeks before the show’s official return to television.

Series renewed for season six

Variety reported that “Vikings” Season 6 is happening after History announced its renewal on Tuesday, September 12.

The news outlet shared that the production of the series’ sixth season will kick off this fall in Ireland.

Eli Lehrer previously said in a statement that History did not hesitate to renew the show before the fifth season’s premiere due to its exponentially growing fan base. The History exec even teased that the upcoming installments will focus more on Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) sons after his death in Season 4.

“Vikings has creatively sailed to monumental lengths,” Lehrer said in a statement. “The series has evolved from early raids in England, to the heart-stopping death of Ragnar Lothbrok, to the fierce battles of the Great Heathen Army, and now we’ll see the sons of Ragnar exploring and conquering the known world,” the TV executive went on.

Reports have it that other supporting characters will take the spotlight in the next two seasons. As a matter of fact, Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is going to debut as one of the new main characters in “Vikings” Season 5.

Katheryn Winnick, who portrays femme-fatale Lagertha, is also expected to headline the forthcoming sixth season.

The 39-year-old actress is also set to direct one of the Season 6 episodes.

What to expect in the fifth installment

Meanwhile, theories suggest that there is a very strong possibility that one of Ragnar's sons will follow his fate after the alliance between the brothers ended after their attack against King Ecbert.

Michael Hirst previously teased that the focus of the popular series will shift to Ragnar’s remaining sons – Ubbe, Hvistek, Ivar the Boneless and Bjorn Ironside – following his death in Season 4.

Rumors have it that Bjorn could possibly be killed off in the next two seasons as he is set to face defeat in the Mediterranean should the network stick with the facts.

While these theories could be correct, it should be noted that History has yet to confirm or deny these speculations. Therefore, avid viewers of the series should take these rumors lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Vikings” Season 5 is scheduled to return on November 29, 2017, on History Channel at 9 p.m. Stay tuned for more spoilers, news, and updates!