A nurse in Utah was arrested by an angry Police Detective for interfering with a criminal investigation, however, the nurse was not breaking any laws. The detective wanted to take a blood sample from a man who was unconcious in the hospital however, his request did not meet the guidelines for allowing a blood sample to be taken. When told this by the nurse and several other hospital staff the police detective grew increasingly hostile and violent.

The nurse was arrested for no reason

According to CNN, a police detective Jeff Payne arrested a nurse working in a hospital in Utah because he got frustrated that he was not allowed to take a blood sample from a suspected criminal.

Nurse Alex Wubbels is the charge nurse for the burn unit at the hospital and was attending to a crash victim.

The victim was involved in a car wreck, which left another driver dead, and though he was not a suspect, Detective Jeff Payne demanded that he be allowed to take blood from the man. Nurse Wubbels explained to the policeman that she could not allow this to happen, because the patient was unconscious, as hospital policy did not allow it and even presented Payne with a print out of the hospital laws.

According to BBC, Jeff Payne was spoken to by ten supervisors at the hospital who each explained that Nurse Alex Wubbels was giving him the correct information and he was not legally allowed to draw blood.

One supervisor who spoke to Jeff Payne on the phone on loudspeaker asked why the police officer was targeting his nurse. Payne replied stating that he was not happy with Alex Wubbels because she was preventing him from drawing blood.

Payne appeared extremely aggressive in the video as he told nurse Wubble's that he was done.

He approached the nurse who backed away from him however, this only antagonized the police officer more and he dragged her out to his police car. Nurse Alex Wubbels sat in the police car for 20 minutes before she was released without charge.

The officer in question has been put on leave

In a report by the BBC, police detective Jeff Payne has since been put on leave and there is an ongoing investigation into the arrest of nurse Alex Wubbels.

Salt Lake City police Chief Mike Brown was shown the footage of one of his officers in action and stated that the footage was extremely alarming.

The Major of Salt Lake City also made a statement about the unjustified arrest and has stated that the incident was completely unacceptable. The police chief and mayor have both issued apologies to Alex Wubbles who has claimed she has accepted their apologies.

The footage of the arrest has now gone viral on the internet and the public is shocked by the aggressive nature of police detective Jeff Payne.