Movie adaptations of Video Games tend to be more miss than hit, but the upcoming "Tomb Raider" reboot could be the one to change that lackluster trend. Starring Alicia Vikander, the upcoming 2018 blockbuster has finally received its first trailer before its March release date.

It is pretty exciting and boasts an enormous amount of new scenes from sequences taken directly, or at least heavily reminiscent, from the "Tomb Raider" game reboot released in 2013.


People who played the 2013 game or its sequel are unlikely to see anything all that surprising in the trailer, as Lara travels to an island to try and stop an evil organization known as Trinity from finding some mystical item.

It seems a mix of the first entry into the franchise and "Rise of the Tomb Raider."

The trailer does not go into too many details, other than revealing that Lara's father is missing and she is searching for him. It is rather standard stuff, but hopefully, the action scenes and characters are strong enough to carry it.


Alicia Vikander is a perfect fit for the character, as she captures the cool intensity of the legendary video game character. Apparently, this is just based on the trailer, so we will have to wait until March to see if it translates into the full movie.

Walton Goggins looks like a whole lot of fun as the antagonist Mathias Vogel. From the trailer, his character is somewhat reminiscent of his run as Boyd Crowder on "Justified."

Dominic West takes on the role of Lord Richard Croft, which most likely means he will not actually be in the movie all that much.

He is shown talking to Lara Croft via a pre-recorded via on a tablet, as his disappearance launches her adventure and investigation into Trinity.


This is where things shine, as "Tomb Raider" looks pretty fantastic. The action scenes, the little bit of them included in the trailer, really look exciting and well shot. Although the video game reboot focused heavily on action and story over exploration, the trailer hints at a few moments where Lara Croft goes into a few tombs to investigate.

Apparently, it takes a whole lot more than just a few cool scenes to make a good movie, but "Tomb Raider" lends itself well to the film medium. As the reboot was such a cinematic experience, it can be translated into a movie without too many changes being done. We do kind of hope they keep the grittier and darker moments while maintaining the sense of wonder which is a huge part of the series.