In a few days, fans are going to see the return of The last man on earth” Season 4 to the small screen. Viewers are about to witness the coming of some new characters and there will be a surprise guest that will surely add fun to the already happy dynamics.

FOX dropped a new trailer for the post-apocalyptic comedy, giving a glimpse of what to come. From the looks of it, the team is looking for a new safer place to stay while they are braving a sea voyage.

The new cast members coming

Kristen Wiig joins in “The Last Man on Earth” Season 4 as Pamela Brinton.

She will be joining the group as they sail across the sea to find a safer place to stay.

Pamela is known as the person who slew Pat Brown (Mark Boone) in the previous season. Now, she is the new member of Phil Miller’s (Will Forte) surviving family. She will be offering drinks while displaying her bartending skills to the wacky clan she now belongs to.

However, it looks like they are about to encounter a big problem as they will be stuck in the middle of the sea for a long while. The group is said to be heading to Mexico, where they will meet another new addition named Glenn (Chris Elliott). He is castaway that lives on an island all by himself. Will he be invited to join the group?

Stars’ teasing what’s to come

In an interview with Variety on the Dream On Yacht in Marina Harbor, “The Last Man on Earth” Season 4’s cast and crew talked about the upcoming premiere episode.

"We try to keep switching things up and moving forward and doing things we haven’t tried before,” Will Forte said about the forthcoming chapter.

The 47-year-old star teased that there will be a special episode where an “old friend” will be doing an “extended appearance.” He, too, hinted the possibility that this will be the television show’s final season. The actor revealed that fans might be watching the series’ last few episodes, which, he said, will come as a big surprise.

Additionally, Kristen Schall, who plays the role of Carol Pilbasian, is hoping that fans will appreciate the show’s innovation. The 39-year-old star explained that “TLMoE” might be the most challenging television show to make as it is building a fictional world that never existed.

The series’ story started from scratch. It is not inspired by any community or storyline used by other shows. They just basically started to work, built a new thing, and invented a story in every episode.

“The Last Man on Earth” Season 4 will return on Oct. 1 on FOX.