“The Flash” Season 4 new teaser features the return of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) from the Speed Force. We don’t know what Allen is up to next, as he seems to be in poker face during the entire recently released clip.

Except for his noticeable beard, Central City’s Scarlet Speedster has a new aura that implies his stronger and better abilities. It can be recalled that Allen decided to enter the Speed Force in Season 3 finale. This is due to undesirable consequences if he did not do it.

Is Barry trapped in eternity?

According to Inverse, Grant Gustin shared back in July that Barry Allen’s perspective thought of being trapped for eternity.

Allen was described as “scrambled” when he returns. Season 4 will pick six months after the events of the previous season’s finale.

Inside the Speed Force, Allen quickly experienced a lot in six months and everything seems endless from his perspective. He managed to get in and out several times from that other realm. This time, there will be a huge impact as he comes back a changed man.

Gustin shares that Allen will be a very wise man. However, he has no hint of what he experienced inside the Speed Force. While he remains confused, Barry will continue to deal with what he thinks is right but nonsense for the rest of Team Flash.

How ‘The Flash’ differs now

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg explained that Barry’s experience somehow symbolizes his baptism.

It will wash away his sins from the previous decisions that he made. His greatest fears, doubts, and guilt will be washed away as well.

Barry Allen will have the chance for a fresh start, where he can love being The Flash again. Of course, this is an unexpected route for him. In the past, his every drastic decision leads to messing up the timeline.

When Season 4 returns, this The CW series is expected to go back to its fun roots.

After all, the third season brought viewers nothing but roller coaster experience. We will now welcome the renewed Barry Allen after the stressful problems over Savitar and Iris’s (Candice Patton) impending death. Moreover, EP Kreisberg added that Allen would showcase the emotional maturity of the original character in the comic version.

On the other hand, there will be some serious clash between Iris and Barry. We already know that the feisty journalist took over the leadership role when her fiancé entered the Speed Force. Therefore, it seems like fans won’t be able to hear the wedding bells anytime soon. Furthermore, viewers can expect a much faster Barry Allen in “The Flash” Season 4.