Mike Fleiss is at it again. The Bachelor creator is doing what he does best—tweeting cryptic messages about his rose-filled ABC reality franchise. Mike Fleiss is teasing that there will be “shocking news” about the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.” Fleiss also asked fans if “a broadcast network ever canceled its No. 1 show???" “The Bachelor” creator’s cryptic trivia question had many fans speculating that the long-running ABC series could be canceled, marking the end of a 12-year Monday night tradition on ABC.

Trouble in paradise?

According to CNN Money, ABC has not responded to comment about the future of “The Bachelor” franchise, but a previously announced reveal of the next “Bachelor” star’s identity on “Good Morning America on Friday morning was inexplicably scrapped with a quickly deleted tweet.

Now, with rumored budget cuts on the horizon for Disney/ABC, some fans wonder if “The Bachelor” has doled out its final rose. Fleiss himself calmed a frenzied Bachelor Nation down by tweeting that fans shouldn’t worry, but diehards are definitely confused.

The new Bachelor is….

Of course, Mike Fleiss is known for getting fans worked up about casting announcements for “The Bachelor” franchise. “The Bachelor” creator regularly teases dramatic news, but the announcement of the next “Bachelor” star is way overdue. A source told TV Line that the network simply wasn’t ready to make an announcement about the next suitor just yet, hence the change of heart about the “Good Morning America” reveal.

But “Bachelor” spoiler king Reality Steve has already said that Rachel Lindsay’s “Bachelorette” runner-up Peter Kraus is the next lead of the franchise.

There have been rumors that Mike Fleiss was unhappy with the way Kraus behaved on “The Bachelorette” by refusing to propose to Rachel, so it is a bit surprising to hear his name as the next lead of the series—if there is a next season, that is.

With talk of budget cuts at ABC, it should be noted that there’s a lot of fat to trim in Mike Fleiss’ “Bachelor” kingdom.

The ABC reality franchise boasts four shows: “The Bachelor,” "The Bachelorette,” Bachelor in Paradise and the recently-announced Bachelor Winter Games,” which will air alongside NBC’s Winter Olympics. Mike Fleiss’ series’ make a continuous cycle on ABC’s Monday night lineup during “Dancing with the Stars’” off-season.

The next cycle of “The Bachelor” will (hopefully) return in January on ABC.