Jenelle Evans is the center of attention on “Teen Mom 2.” Her life comprises of a wide variety of drama. The spice is served up by her mother, ex, ex-mother-in-law, and her kids. Even though she is on cordial terms with ex, Nathan Griffith, she doesn’t particularly have a liking towards him. Evans was obviously upset when she found out that the MTV network was providing her ex with the opportunity of appearing in a segment of “Teen Mom 2.” It’s not like he hasn’t appeared before. He has, on many occasions but the main difference in this one was that it was solely dedicated to him.

The somewhat-tribute to Nathan Griffith premiered on Wednesday, September 27. An hour-long solely about Griffith but there are so many things that fans still aren’t aware of.

A failure at body-building

According to a report by Hollywood Life, Nathan entered the 2017 NPC Palmetto Classic for body-building in April 2017. His hopes were soon tarnished when he finished second last in the competition. He was very vocally accepting about his failure. In fact, he even made a Facebook post about the same. According to Nathan, he tried his best at delivering better competition. He isn’t ashamed of losing and that it has only given him more motivation to work even harder.

Griffith is about to marry, again

According to a report by The Hollywood Gossip, he is so in love with Ashley that he thinks she is the one he would want to spend the rest of his life with. He confirmed early September that he is set to marry his girlfriend before Jenelle gets hitched with her current boyfriend, David Eason.

Those who believe that Griffith would have a difficult time getting over Evans, are wrong. He has a new girlfriend now called, Ashley Lanhardt. They have been seeing each other for a few months now. Griffith however, officially confirmed the same through the use of a Facebook post on August 4. He exclaimed in his post that he has never felt so content and happy in his life.

He is the father of not one but two

“Teen Mom 2” has essentially revolved around Jenelle's baby with Griffith – a son named Kaiser. What many viewers aren’t aware of is that he even has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend (whose name is not known yet) called Emery. He is the father of not one but two children. Everything apart from how the (now broken) couple met, is discussed on “Teen Mom 2.” Jenelle came across Nathan online. They first began chatting with each other in April of 2016.