Taylor Swift recently attended the wedding of her high school best friend and the paparazzi have several photographs of both the bride and the celebrity. This was Swift's first public appearance in several months as she showed up to celebrate her best friend's wedding. Many of the bride's other friends and family were also in attendance.

The star attended her long time best friend's wedding

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor Swift attended her high school best friend's wedding on September 2. The pair has been friends since high school and Swift actually wrote a song about her friend in 2009 titled "Fifteen." The wedding of Abigail Anderson took place in a venue called Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Swift was photographed wearing a floor length burgundy dress with a sweet heart neckline. The star did not wear a lot of jewellery and instead opted for a simple silver pendant to go along with the dress. Swift wore her hair down in slight curls and added a bold red lip to accompany the color of her dress.

According to Billboard, Taylor's mother attended and was spotted wearing a black dress to the wedding. The bride, Abigail, wore a beautiful wedding gown, which was a soft pink on color and had panels of lace. The veil that Abigail wore featured flower designs and best friend Taylor Swift carried Abigail's train as she walked behind her.

The wedding comes shortly after Taylor releases diss track

According to The Sun, the wedding of Taylor Swift's best friend comes shortly after the celebrity released a diss track titled "Look What You Made Me Do" which, allegedly, targets Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The track is highly controversial and Swift has been receiving mixed feelings about it.

Some fans have turned against Swift as they stated that she has dropped to a low level by targeting fellow artist Kanye West in a song. There is also a scene in the star's music video where she refers to the Paris incident where Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed.

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor Swift has taken some time away from her busy celebrity life in order to support her best friend on her wedding day.

The star and her friend were photographed by paparazzi as Swift made one of her first public appearances in a long time in order to attend the wedding.

Abigail Anderson has not made any comment about her best friend's new diss track and it appears that Taylor Swift is keeping her mouth shut in regards to what the track means.