Oscar award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is wanted for the role of The Joker in a new origins movie. This movie is to be independent of the current superhero franchise in the Warner Brother's company and will explore how The Joker turned to his life of crime. DiCaprio would certainly bring a different kind of performance to the character and fans are hopeful that he will accept the offer.

Martin Scorsese's involvement may help seal the deal with the actor

According to AU News, Martin Scorsese has been listed as one of the producers of the upcoming origins movie about The Joker.

It has been confirmed that Warner Brothers are hoping that the director's involvement in the movie will entice Leonardo DiCaprio to join the movie as the role of The Joker.

Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio have worked together in the past on such projects as "Gangs of New York", "Shutter Island" and "The Wolf of Wall Street." The pair has a very good working relationship and the producers are hoping that this will be enough for the Oscar awarding winning actor to get on board with the movie.

In a report by the Independent, Martin Scorsese's role as a producer on the movie has not yet been confirmed which might lead to further problems in trying to secure DiCaprio. Warner Brothers are desperate to get Martin Scorsese on board for the movie as he has a high association with award winning movies.

The movie will be an origin story about The Joker

According to the Independent, this new movie will focus on the backstory of The Joker and fans will finally get to see the character's origin story played out on the big screen. There are rumors that the movie will delve back as far as The Joker's childhood to show how he was bullied during his childhood and how this shaped his perceptions of the world around him.

The movie is due to be separate to the existing DC franchise where Jared Leto is currently signed as The Joker and appeared in the role for the movie "Suicide Squad." According to the Hollywood Reporter, Leto is not happy that there is going to be another Joker and feels threatened by the fact that another actor will be taking on the role.

It has been confirmed that Tom Phillips who is best known for work on the movie “The Hangover” will direct the origin movie. Warner Brothers hope that they will be able to match and supersede the popularity of the Christopher Nolan trilogy "The Dark Knight" with their team of experienced directors, producers, and actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio has not made a comment about being approached for the role of The Joker and fans are eagerly awaiting more news on the role.