Tamra Judge was furious when she learned that Ricky, her former best man from her wedding, attended vicki gunvalson's birthday party. Tamra already knew that he didn't like her, so she had a feeling that he would attend the party and talk behind her back. While he never did talk about Tamra, he did say that he had seen Eddie Judge make out with another man. He was essentially attacking her marriage. Even though this may be news to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" viewers, all of the ladies are saying that this is a rumor that has surfaced before.

According to a new report, Tamra Judge is now revealing that she has caught Vicki Gunvalson in a contradiction. While Vicki claims that she never invited Ricky to her birthday party, she also says something else. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Vicki revealed that she never brought him to the party to hurt her feelings. That is indeed a contradiction. Did she or didn't she invite him to the party?

Did she or didn't she?

"As Vicki does the walk of shame to the volleyball party, she complains she has anxiety about seeing me. Here’s a crazy concept: DON’T DO SHADY S---, and you won't have anxiety about seeing me. In one breath, Vicki says she didn't invite Ricky, and he's not HER friend.

Then she tells Kelly, 'I didn't BRING Ricky there to hurt Tamra.' Always a contradiction with Vicki," Tamra Judge explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that Vicki just contradicted herself.

It makes sense that Judge is hurt by Vicki's attempts to hurt her feelings. She keeps saying that she doesn't want to hurt Tamra's feelings or cause more drama, but she finds herself in situations where drama keeps surfacing.

She's clearly in the middle without trying.

Drama-filled storyline

Gunvalson has been on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for years and she knows that drama happens. As Diko explained on Monday's episode of the show, the ladies get into heated arguments because they dissect every single word that is said. When Vicki was spotted with Ricky at her birthday party, it is possible that she didn't mean to cause any drama.

But she should also know that their common link is Tamra and that anything he says could be hurtful towards Judge and her marriage.

What do you think about Tamra Judge's comment that Vicki lied about inviting Ricky to her party? Do you think she has a point about Vicki's comments or do you think Gunvalson just misspoke about the invitation?