Fans of “Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X” have watched all season long as Adam Klein struggled with the knowledge that he was in Fiji while his mom struggled with Stage IV lung cancer. News broke recently that Susie Klein, Adam’s mother, passed away just two days after the season 33 final Tribal Council.

Brother’s visit brought heartbreak

On the “Survivor” episode on November 30th, it was family visitation day and Adam’s brother Evan Klein came to represent the family and it was quite a tearful reunion. Adam pledged not to use his advantage to steal a reward and Jay was so touched by the promise that he chose Adam for a family visit.

If you are watching “Millennials vs. Gen X” then you know that Adam hasn’t told any of the other castaways about his mom Susie’s cancer battle so all anyone knew was that he was grateful to have a visit from home, as were all the castaways that got to spend time with their loved ones.

Adam was gone when his mother died

Two days had passed since the final Tribal Council when Susie Klein died on May 14, 2016. However, Adam was still on the Survivor set participating in show activities when he got word that his mother lost her battle with lung cancer after being diagnosed just nine months prior. When his brother Evan visited, he told Adam that they had to stop their mother’s treatment because of adverse side effects.

This devastated Adam since that meant his mother was receiving no treatment at all for her Stage IV cancer.

Adam has become an advocate

Adam is now raising money for lung cancer research on and you can see his passionate message in the video below to LiveLikeSusie. Adam said, “On Saturday May 14 2016, my best friend and beautiful mom Susie passed peacefully with her family by her side.

She fought hard against lung cancer for 9 months, but more importantly, thrived for 60 years.”

There’s still no word on how far Adam progressed on “Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X” but since we’re at the jury stage, being voted out meant that he would remain in Fiji until all filming wrapped.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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