It's been seven seasons since Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) had an interview with New York’s most infamous closer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Although Mike didn't meet the requirements for working as an associate in a law firm, Harvey recognized his immense talent and hired him after all. The show then revolves around the two of them trying to stop others from finding the truth about Mike's lack of credentials. This bromance brings us many great cases and twists while the two manage to keep a strong friendship despite all. The show first aired in June 2011 and this Wednesday, August 30, marked its 100th episode.

Donna's ex is back

Since the beginning of the show, we feel a strong chemistry between Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey. We know they spent a night together but never actually started a relationship. Although many ''Darvey'' fans would like to see them as a couple as the show goes on, things don't look like that right now.

Harvey is dating his former therapist Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole) and it looks pretty serious. He even trusted Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) with a very personal case for his girlfriend, which took his and Harvey's love-hate relationship to a new level and tightened their bond. Donna is feeling very lonely, with all the stress that the newly acquired position of the COO brought to her.

She decides to call her ex, Mark Meadows (Jay Harrington) and they make plans to get lunch. Their lunch gets very flirty but Mark then drops a bombshell on her by telling her he's married.Donna gets pissed but he tries to convince her he's very unhappy in his marriage.

Donna says that she won't be the answer to his problems but that she would be available once he and his wife get divorced.

Donna later gets an indecent proposal from Mark, asking her to just spend one more night with him before they both return to their ordinary lives. Harvey's relationship and other factors make Donna question whether or not she should accept his proposal but she eventually turns Mark down.

Donna is not the only one to get a blast from the past

Season 7 brought some misery for Louis as his ex Tara left him and he lost the chance to become a father. He was overly sensitive and it affected his work to some extent. However, in a pursuit of applicants for the company's associate program, Louis comes face to face with his ex Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris). We remember how broken-hearted Louis was after their break-up and now he learns she's engaged and that she moved to New York because of her fiancé. The whole situation brings all the feelings back to Louis and makes us questions whether he ever really got over Sheila. He gets a similar proposal like Donna - Sheila asks him for one more night.

Donna turned Mark down but Louis didn't follow suit. He decided to accept Sheila's offer and went into her hotel room.

Another classic Batman and Robin team-up

Fans love seeing Harvey and Mike in action and this episode gives us that. Mike's prisoner abuse case is closed and he and Harvey get down to work and take a case to save their co-worker Alex Williams (Dulé Hill). They ask Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), Mike's future father-in-law for help on this case. Rachel (Meghan Markle) enjoys working with her father and the case takes many turns and twists. We will not reveal everything but we'll just say that the day is saved in the end like it always is at Pearson Specter Litt.

Patrick J. Adams directed the episode

The first request Adams had when he joined the show was to direct. He first got that chance in season four and then directed several more. He asked for the shot at directing the 100th and got it. In a recent interview, Adams shared his happiness about the fact that show lived to its 100th episode and said not many shows can do that. ''Suits'' airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network.