It looks like Suicide Squad 2” will soon see the light of the day as Warner Bros. recently hired Gavin O’Connor as the sequel movie’s director. The filmmaker, best known for his works “Pride and Glory,” “Warrior,” and “The Accountant,” will also be writing the film’s script.

However, it might still take a long while before the superhero film will hit the big screen. There is no news about “SS2” production yet, but there are rumors that the entertainment company is eyeing to fast-track the movie’s filming.

The movie project

Before Gavin O’Connor was hired to do “Suicide Squad 2,” Mel Gibson was rumored to direct the film.

Also, Warner Bros. was said to court Jaume Collet-Serra to do the sequel, but he favored working “Jungle Cruise” with Dwayne Johnson.

Its predecessor’s director David Ayer had announced in December 2016 that he won’t be handling the making of the film's continuation. But, he will be the one to direct Gotham City Sirens with Margot Robbie, Polygon reported.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce the follow-up film’s official cast members, but it is highly expected that the original cast is going to return to reprise their roles. However, it might still take a long while before the film’s production starts as most of its stars are busy doing other projects.

The film’s possible release

Aside from “Gotham City Sirens,” Margot Robbie, who played the role of Harley Quinn, also has two solos “Joker” movies lineup with Jared Leto.

Will Smith, who portrayed Deadshot, is also busy filming the live-action adaptation of “Aladdin.”

As the major members of Task Force X evidently have a lot on their plates, “Suicide Squad 2” release might still take a little while. Also, Warner Bros. is working with other upcoming DC movies. There is an expected “Batman” solo film coming.

The “Batgirl,” the “Nightwing," and the “Flash” are also now in the works. Thus, it might still take a couple of years before it will be in production.

The hiring of O’Connor

Gavin O’Connor had worked with Ben Affleck on the movie “The Accountant.” In the film, Jennifer Garner’s estranged husband was a pseudo-vigilante with fighting abilities named Christian Wolff.

The 2016 crime drama also starred J.K. Simmons as Ray King, the director of FinCEN who is pursuing Christian. In a report made by Paste Magazine, this film can be likened to a “Batman practice.” Thus, there might be a big possibility that Warner Bros. saw his potential in this movie, so the film company hired him.