On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced his latest plan as president, this time dealing with Tax Reform. As expected, the reaction came down party lines with legendary author Stephen King wasting no time blasting the commander in chief.

King on Trump

Over the last two years, Donald Trump has changed the game when it comes to American politics and how Washington works. His unorthodox style and controversial rhetoric have turned the political system on its head, but it hasn't come without consequences. While the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to bring together enough support to win the Republican primary and eventually the general election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, his numbers have dropped over the nine months he's been office.

Much of that drop in popularity has come from his policies, which many Americans appear to disagree with. One group that has not held back their negative thoughts about Trump have been the majority of celebrities, who use their popularity to push back against the president's agenda. Following Trump's release of his tax plan, Stephen King took the time to give his thoughts during a series of tweets on September 28.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon was Stephen King, who ripped into Donald Trump over his plan for tax reform.

After first re-tweeting an article from the New York Times that highlighted the plan's benefits for the wealthy, King then went on the attack. "Trump's no friend of the working man," King tweeted, before adding, "If you're working for wages, brothers and sisters, he couldn't give Sh*t One about you."

In a follow-up tweet, Stephen King doubled down on his thoughts.

"Check his tax plan. Same old same old," King wrote, while stating, "The fat man's busy dancing while the poor man pays the band." This isn't the first time that King has spoken out against Donald Trump. Earlier this summer, the horror author was so critical of the White House on social media that Trump ended up blocking King from viewing his personal Twitter account.

Next up

While it's unknown if the tax plan in question will have enough support to make it to Donald Trump's desk for a signature, it's expected that the Democrats will put up a fight in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Despite this, the billionaire real estate mogul seems destined to get some type of legislation done in the near future after several failures that have taken place to kick off his presidency.