On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Bill Spencer's recent actions will have a domino effect on several relationships. Thomas has already broken Sally's heart by deciding to stay in New York with Caroline and Douglas. Spoiler alerts tease that as Liam and his wife grow further apart, he and Ms. Spectra may develop strong feelings for each other. This would open the door for Wyatt to reach out to Steffy again.

Tension growing between Liam and Steffy

Steffy was always rooting for Thomas to reconcile with his son and his baby mama. Now that her wish has come true, it could backfire on her marriage.

Although she acknowledges that Dollar Bill went too far by ordering the Spectra building to be set on fire, Steffy was in agreement with his plan to reunite her brother and his niece. Liam and his wife have voiced different opinions on the situation ever since. Now that Thomas is not coming back to LA, Sally is alone and vulnerable. She is also grateful to Liam for giving her full ownership of the Spectra building and property.

As the tension mounts between Liam and Steffy over their differing opinions regarding Bill, Liam also may feel alone. His wife does not understand why he is not willing to reconcile with his father. It seems as if Steffy is taking Bill's side, and this is troubling to her husband.

If she had any idea that Liam had given C.J. Garrison the millions for the Spectra building that Bill originally offered him she would be livid.

Liam and Wyatt will be at odds again

Spoiler alerts have also indicated that Bill and Wyatt may work together to oust Liam from his position of power at "Spencer Publications." If they team up against him and Steffy continues to align herself with her father in law, Sally may be the only person Liam can talk to.

It also stands to reason that if Wyatt finds out the details of what his father has done, he may continue to side with Bill over his brother. This would open the possibility for him to begin leaning on his ex-wife once more.

Eagle eye Dollar Bill has already told his daughter in law that Liam is developing feelings for Miss Spectra, so he may notice the growing bond between Steffy and Wyatt as well.

Bill may push the two of them together as part of his revenge against his son who forced him out of his company, and all of the drama just may cause Liam and Sally to begin a relationship. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 12:30 p.m. CST on CBS.