Jokes, fake news, and Donald Trump; sometimes they blend so well together, we end up laughing a lot. South Park is one of those shows that took the risk in making ridiculous jokes associated with the current president. But during its return with season 21, it seemed like creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were going to use a new strategy. Or maybe not.

South Park kicked off a new season on Wednesday by featuring protesters (white nationalist movement) who are against large tech corporations while waving Confederate flags. But the rally disrupts Randy and Sharon Marsh from watching their favorite show “White People Renovating Houses”.

The plot thickens with sharp-edged jokes thrown towards Randy and the protesters, and there’s still a hint of Trump-targeted jokes along the way.

Creators unafraid of Donald Trump?

But it is not South Park if they try to play it safe. The show’s creators are still manipulating a story based on anyone who is deeply attached to what he/she believes in. But if they are planning to avoid their previous mistakes, "fart jokes" seem to be the safest category for the next episode.

To celebrate the birth of another season, Stone and Parker approved another marketing strategy that worked just fine. Through Twitter, the show’s fans got a chance to win edible and non-edible goodies to address the wait between Season 20 and Season 21.

‘South Park’ gives free food to fans

By typing the #SouthPark21 hashtag, US fans were served with fish sticks, fries, pizza bread, chicken wings (with special sauce), and even shirts that featured the title of the show and some of the characters. Fans posted their free stuff as well, tagging the official account of Fooji, which was hired by Comedy Central and “South Park” to make the food deliveries possible.

Some fans were not even sure if their goods would be delivered to them since only a few could actually win the contest. One fan posted on Twitter “Hahaha @SouthPark actually sent wings! You guys are the best! #SouthPark21”.

Another fan, who is probably a parent, tweeted “@gofooji @SouthPark Thank you so much for the treat (my kid is psyched!!) Only a couple more hours!!!

#SouthPark21”. Hopefully, that parent’s kid did not take some of the show’s harsh jokes seriously.

“South Park” also extended their event by allowing fans on the West Coast to join the fun. By tweeting #SouthPark and the chicken leg emoji, some lucky US fans will get their goods delivered to their doorstep.