shannon beador has revealed that she gained 40 pounds because of the drama that Vicki Gunvalson put her through. She reveals that the stress of the abuse rumors was enough to throw her completely off the wagon. Shannon was worried that her three daughters would hear the rumors that David Beador had beaten her, even though Vicki claims that Shannon has texted her evidence that he did. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" viewers are wondering what is going on between Shannon and her husband, as Vicki alone couldn't have caused her to gain so much weight.

Even her best friend, Tamra Judge, has hinted that there's drama in Shannon's marriage.

According to a new report, Shannon Beador is now leaving any discussions about her marriage out of her Bravo blog. The Bravo blog is a place where Beador can comments about the episode, talk about her co-star and reveal her side of the story. Even though Tamra revealed that something was going on in her marriage, Shannon didn't discuss her husband once in this week's blog.

Leaves out husband in blog

Shannon Beador's husband was also missing from the volleyball party that Kelly Dodd threw for her cast members. Diko Sulahian was there, as was Kelly's husband Michael. Doug McLaughlin showed up to support his wife as well, but David was missing.

Beador didn't talk about this on her blog, but she did talk about the family dog, Archie, and her restaurant ventures.

"My entire family is having so much fun with our dog Archie. He loves to swim and could do it all day if we would throw the ball for him! It was the cutest thing ever that he decided to sit on the lounge chair next to me!

We love him so much!" Shannon Beador wrote in her Bravo blog.

While Archie did steal one scene where she was supposed to have a business meeting, fans are more curious if she sees problems in her marriage.

Fans question the health of her marriage

Even though Shannon Beador didn't discuss her marriage in her blog, viewers were busy on Twitter.

They all speculated that it was David that was the reason why she gained the weight. She has always blamed Vicki for the weight gain, but she has also admitted to having problems with her husband.

David cheated on Shannon when she was filming her first season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and it sounds like she may be concerned he has cheated again. Fans may be wondering the same thing, as many are pushing for her to get a divorce.

What do you think about Shannon Beador's decision to avoid discussing David in her Bravo blog?