shannon beador may feel comfortable in her friendship with Tamra Judge, as they can talk about anything, work out together, and talk about how much they don't like Vicki Gunvalson. Shannon is convinced that she will never talk to Vicki again, but Tamra seems to be open to the idea of meeting her for coffee. Of course, Judge and Vicki used to be friends for years, and they have time invested. But when Shannon's squeezing of Tamra's leg caught Lydia Mclaughlin off guard, she had to explain herself.

Shannon revealed that her fight with Lydia that played out on the previous episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was downright ridiculous.

She made a gesture, and it was misunderstood. But Lydia was shocked and angered by the gesture. According to a new report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that McLaughlin is the one who is causing the problems, and Beador doesn't want to take any responsibility.

Passing the blame

In her Bravo blog, Beador reveals that she did nothing wrong. She feels that Lydia is the one who is making every situation even worse. For example, Lydia was aggressive when she thought Beador mocked her breast surgery. In a second example, Shannon felt that McLaughlin put everyone on the spot when she inquired about her invitation to the dinner where Beador had invited Tamra, Meghan, Peggy, and Kelly.

"My interaction with Lydia at Kelly's party was ridiculous.

Lydia is the one who escalated yet another disagreement with me. Had she just let me say I wasn't referring to her when I squeezed Kelly and Tamra's legs under the table, it would have been over and done with," Shannon Beador explains in her Bravo blog, hinting that she's not taking any responsibility for what has happened.

While Shannon is busy pointing the finger at everyone else, she's not really interested in talking about her marital problems.

Everyone is questioning her marriage

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Shannon Beador has revealed that her husband David Beador has cheated on her. Now that she has gained the weight, she feels that her husband is distancing himself from her again. Shannon is acting emotionally with her co-stars, and she's getting very worked up over small things.

However, it sounds like Shannon may be keeping some secrets from her co-stars, as they believe there's trouble in paradise.

What do you think about Shannon Beador passing the blame, saying that Lydia McLaughlin is the one who is starting things?