Selena Gomez may be one of the rare breeds of celebrities who are very good at keeping secrets. Fans of Selena Gomez know that she is battling several health issues, one of which is lupus. However, many were shocked when the 25-year old singer revealed that she had a Kidney Transplant over the summer with her best friend as the donor. It's worth noting that Gomez stepped out of the limelight over the summer but didn't really give a specific reason why. Fast forward to now and fans were shocked with the revelation that the reason the "Bad Liar" singer took some time off from her career was that she had to undergo a kidney transplant to prolong her life and prevent further health complications.

Her withdrawal from the limelight a few months ago was met with confusion and disappointment by her fans, especially as they were expecting Gomez to be busy promoting her new music. According to People, Selena Gomez knew that her fans were questioning her absence at that time. However, she decided to do what's best for her health and spent time recovering from the kidney transplant.

Best friends for life

Selena Gomez may have been diagnosed with lupus but she remained strong and tried her best to live a normal life. However, the turning point of her sickness came when she was strongly advised by her doctors to have a kidney transplant to prevent further complications.

It's a known fact that getting a kidney transplant is not easy - one has to look for a matching donor and a lot of laboratory and compatibility tests have to be carried out.

Fortunately, Selena Gomez' best friend, Francia Raisa, was a perfect match and willingly donated her kidney to the "Hands To Myself" singer. Francia Raisa is an actress known for her role in "The Secret Life Of An American Teenager."

A secret no more

It looks like Raisa knew how to keep a secret in real life as she quietly underwent kidney transplant with her long time pal.

A few months after the successful kidney transplant, both Raisa and Gomez were ready to reveal their secret, with Gomez posting a photo of them lying next to each other in their respective hospital beds.

It was clearly an image that touched the fans because it showcased the genuine and pure friendship that the two ladies have. Currently, Selena Gomez is busy promoting her new music and is working on an unnamed Woody Allen project. Her friendship with Raisa is definitely something to be cherished for a lifetime.