Selena Gomez made a big announcement Monday that she is finally collaborating with Puma and will appear as the newest face of the women's footwear campaign in Phenom. Sources from E! News revealed that the 25-year old actress is making over $30 million for this upcoming deal.

Gomez took to Instagram and she posted a photo of herself along with a Puma gear. On the caption, she wrote, "Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner."

During the recent press release, Gomez revealed that she felt excited that she's finally part of the brand. She also shared that Puma has changed the trend when it comes to the different athletic wears and fashion.

Perhaps, she's been thankful for being chosen as the new face of Puma.

Cool projects in works

Gomez further shared that she was amazed how Puma has influenced the style and culture of the people around the world. She couldn't help but be excited for being part of their upcoming campaign that is set to happen soon.

She also hopes to create more projects with the company. Meanwhile, Gomez revealed that some of their cool gigs are finally in the works and she feels excited about its launching. Her recent deal with Puma is slated to last for two years. Perhaps, the young actress will be earning much from this latest deal.

Fearless talent joins Puma

While Gomez confirmed the announcement on Instagram, Puma just formally announced on Monday that the young actress is joining The Weeknd as an official brand ambassador.

Puma's official Instagram account posted a picture of Gomez while leaving the caption that says, "Fearless talent joins the family."

In one of the inaugural campaigns, the actress was pictured solo while wearing Puma's official sneaker. During her interview with Vogue, Gomez previously revealed that she has been obsessed about her new and upcoming collections.

According to Glamour, the actress believed that her newest collaborative gig with Puma is a beautiful thing that allows her to feel sexy with just even a simple workout clothes.

Gomez is not only joining her boyfriend in this latest gig, but she is now closely working with other Puma girls like Cara Delevigne and Kylie Jenner.

According to Vogue, not only that she's the new face of Puma, Gomez is also set to design new products and to direct the company's newest and upcoming campaign.

When asked about her health following her kidney transplant, sources told E! News that the actress now feels good and is doing really great.