Canadian rapper Drake recently heated up romance rumors with Rihanna when he posted a photo of him on Instagram sporting RiRi’s Fenty x Stance latest socks collection. Unfortunately, it reportedly didn’t please her and thought that it was too insensitive of him to play around especially that she has moved on to her new beau, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. The couple just started dating a few months ago, and it is said that they are head-over-heels with each other. However, recent reports claim that the Barbadian singer still wants to give his ex-boyfriend another shot.

RiRi still wants to be with Drake

Despite recent reports that she was disturbed when Drake sported her latest collection of socks, Rihanna reportedly wants to give him another chance as she still gets excited whenever her thoughts are with him.“[She] has unfinished business with [the Canadian rapper] and is hoping for another romantic run-in with him,” an insider close to her recently told Hollywood Life. "[She] feels like she left things up in the air with [him] and she can’t get over their explosive chemistry. So, it looks like RiRi still gets butterflies in the stomach when it comes to her old flame despite the fact that Hassan Jameel is reportedly treating her like a queen.

Will they be reunited?

On August 30, Drake and Rihanna were spotted not too far from each other while partying at a club in London. What’s interesting is that they were not with their new love interests such as Nicki Minaj and Hassan Jameel. Apparently, fans were quick to speculate that there might be a good chance that the former flames will reconcile and continue their romance.

The source also added that RiRi still has a “soft spot” for the Canadian rapper although she clearly likes the Saud billionaire. It is said that she’s still not over him and feels like it will take her forever to move on from him just like Chris Brown.

Drake still thinks about her

Another source previously told Hollywood Life that Drake always had great feelings for Rihanna and he can never stop thinking of her.

It is said that he’s been texting her since the news broke that she is dating the wealthy Saudi Arabian guy. The source further said that RiRi still has a big love for the Canadian rapper and was saddened that they never get to the point to last longer. Their 2016 music collaboration titled “Work” was such a hit everyone thought that they would be one of the couples to last forever. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Do you think that Rihanna should reconcile with Drake? What will happen to Hassan Jameel?