Rick and Morty,” as the name suggests, primarily revolves around the misadventures of Rick and his grandson, Morty. This theme has experienced an unexpected turn in the show’s latest season. With eight episodes of “Rick and Morty” season 3 already out, fans have been able to see a different side of the Smith family. Rick has undoubtedly taken most of his family members (including son-in-law Jerry) on adventures across multiple dimensions. Each and every member of the Smith family has received the opportunity to shine in the form of their respective personalities.

“Rick and Morty” season 3, episode 9 will now include some father-daughter bonding between Rick and Beth, a report by Indie Wire states.

The upcoming episode of the show

The next episode of “Rick and Morty” season 3 is called “The ABCs of Beth.” It will start with a new bulletin about a death row sentence, a report by Polygon states. The central attention of this sequence is Beth. She is facing a looming execution and the only way that she can escape it is by searching for her childhood friend, Tommy.

Rick has created a fantasy rainbow-verse called “Froopyland,” where Beth can find Tommy.

Quite naturally, she is quick to follow the lead along with Rick. Given that Beth and Jerry haven’t been given enough screen time in the whole of the third season, the latest episode “The ABCs of Beth,” is a pleasant change. “Rick and Morty” season 3 has entirely focused on Morty’s journey towards attaining confidence and being in the center of the citadel’s revolution.

It’s interesting how the show writers chose season 3’s finale to focus on the relationship that Rick and Beth share. Fans are advised to be prepared for some emotional father-daughter moments along the way next week.

The “Froopyland”

According to a report by Nerdist, the upcoming episode of “Rick and Morty” is going to be visually appealing too.

The entire episode will consist of colorful objects and environments. Rick’s epic imagination has portrayed the magical “Froopyland” in a very psychedelic sense. Things like rubber-bouncy grounds and a breathable, technicolor river are a few things placed in “Froopyland.” Moreover, Tommy is not what one would imagine him to be. Just like Beth, he has grown in size and his looks have undergone a dramatic change. Even though he has been trapped inside “Froopyland” since childhood, he has been able to sustain himself easily.