Ramona Singer has wrapped another season of "The Real Housewives of New York," and the previous season of the show was all about Luann de Lesseps' marriage. The year before, Luann had learned that Thomas had cheated on her as he had kissed another woman at the Regency Hotel in New York. Thomas apologized, but many said that he had a hard time dropping his bachelor ways for the sake of his marriage. While Luann's "The Real Housewives of New York" co-stars revealed that there were plenty of red flags, de Lesseps refused to spot them and she married him.

They divorced eight months later after numerous reports of cheating. Despite Luann's heartbreak, Ramona stills finds the drama funny.

According to a new tweet, Ramona Singer recently asked her fan base why they thought mother nature was so upset, as two hurricanes had hit the United States within a few days. Of course, plenty of people had opinions about why the country was hit by hurricanes within a short period time. While some blamed climate change, others said that it was because Ramona had voted for Donald Trump. But one person joked about the thomas d'agostino cheating scandal and Singer thought it was hilarious.

Laughing about cheating scandal

Luann has revealed that the cheating that happened on "The Real Housewives of New York" was nothing more than a kiss, but it was enough for her co-stars to question whether he was the right guy.

If it had happened to any of the other ladies, they would have broken up with him. But when Ramona Singer got a hilarious tweet, she couldn't help but laugh at it.

One can imagine that Luann isn't appreciative of Ramona laughing out about it, even though many people have joked about Thomas' cheating.

The statement, "it's about Tom," has been used several times to promote episodes, in news-related tweets, and even in memes.

Her own dating life

As for Ramona Singer, one can imagine she doesn't want to be caught up in another cheating scandal. Her ex-husband, Mario Singer, was cheating on her with another woman. Singer eventually filed for divorce, as she didn't want to keep working on their relationship.

Their trust was ruined and she really wanted to start over. She wrote a book about her journey, but one can imagine she would be hurt if people joked about the affair.

What do you think about Ramona Singer laughing about a tweet that pokes fun of Luann de Lesseps' cheating drama? Do you think Ramona feels it's fair game as Luann and Thomas are no longer together?