Josh Altman is one proud father as he has welcomed his daughter, Alexis, into the world earlier this year. He learned that he would be a father when Heather Altman revealed that she had a positive pregnancy test. They had just gotten married and they were ready to have children. The season ended with Heather being pregnant, but one can imagine that her baby's arrival will play a role on the upcoming season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." All of the years that Josh has been on the show, fans have never seen him focus on anything except for real-estate.

He almost lost his relationship with Heather because of his work dedication, so it will be interesting to see him adjust to fatherhood.

According to a new Instagram post, Josh Altman is now revealing that he's setting strict rules for his daughter. Of course, she's already being prepped to become the next real estate agent in Los Angeles, as both of her parents work in the industry. Based on his post, it sounds like she will have plenty of time to learn the ropes as she isn't allowed to go shopping.

New father role

While Josh may not be changing diapers, he does have rules set for her spending habits. As it turns out, she isn't allowed to enter certain stores.

"First trip to the mall with my Lexi on Sunday.

I showed her what stores daddy won't let her shop in," Josh Altman revealed in one of his Instagram posts, where he shared a picture of himself with his daughter.

One can imagine that his daughter will be featured on the upcoming season of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" as Josh shares everything. He shared the proposal when he asked Heather to marry him, and he even shared snippets from his wedding.

Fans may feel cheated if they didn't get to see little Alexis on the upcoming season of the show. Viewers have followed along on this romance for years, so seeing them get married and have a baby makes sense for fans.

Setting an example

Josh Altman is setting an example of his fellow co-stars in the "Million Dollar Listing" franchise.

Fredrik Eklund is about to welcome his twins into the world, while Ryan Serhant got married last year and may be thinking about having children. If Josh can manage to keep his business going and be a father, Fredrik and Ryan may be able to draw some inspiration for their own lives. But Fredrik may need to ask for advice soon, as his twins may arrive in just a few weeks.

What do you think about Josh Altman setting rules for his daughter already?