“Preacher” Season 2, episode 12 premiered yesterday, and it’s pretty much got all its viewers craving for more. The last episode majorly revolved around the flashbacks from the beginning of the season 1 and 2. Even though this was enough to feed the fans’ large appetite, a void seemed to be felt regarding depth into the story’s character.

Graham McTavish's powerful character

According to a report by Empire, Saint’s (played by actor, Graham Mctavish) flashbacks revealed a lot about what led to the current scenarios. The show-writers however, focused too much on him.

Dedicating a total of 25 minutes on his character, didn’t come across as such a good idea especially because it was the season finale. Grail Hoover can be accredited for bringing the “fun” elements in the episode, but it was only for a brief amount of time. Newer characters who had never appeared in the entire season were given unnecessary screen presence.

Plot and other details of the show

This left the viewers in a state of confusion. Jesse Custer finally confronts his enemy, and it is revealed that he can potentially lose this time. As pointed by Den Of Geek, the enemy is showcased as being incredibly powerful and almost immortal. The only way Jesse would even think of overthrowing them is through the use of Genesis.

Another theory which was proposed during the episode was that Jesse would probably have to give a piece of his soul to The Saint. This way, he could be able to banish the enemy back to Hell. This wasn’t possible for obvious reasons as carrying that procedure out, would also mean Jesse’s piece of soul traveling to Hell.

Things are differently written in the comic book that the show is based on.

For example, the book showcases Jesse’s attempt of using Genesis as successful. “Preacher,” show-runners Sam Catlin and Rachel Wagner ensured that the narration was to some extent, comical. Cas and Tulips’ characters were given an equal amount of attention. It was only through them that funny conversations could have been delivered.

The episode concludes with a visually-pleasing sequence. Starr is seen kneeling in front of Jesse as he places his hand on the former’s head. The episode also clarifies that even though Jesse is in charge, it is Starr who controls everything in the end. This is proof that both the characters are working on the relationship that they share with each other. There hasn’t been any sign of a possible third season to “Preacher,” in the last episode.