20 years after the original release of the anime, "Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You," reimagines the very first meeting of Pikachu and Ash. Along with the release of the brand new trailer, The Pokemon Company International also brings in a series of exciting events every week starting from September, 19.

A blend of classic Pokemon with new exciting elements

Ever since its airing, the Pokemon franchise has gained widespread popularity all across the globe. Be it the show or the game, the number of Pokemon lovers have been growing steadily in these 20 years.

So, in order to celebrate their tremendous success, Pokemon has decided to recall the entire journey from the origin, and feature Marshadow, the mythical Pokemon. Even though it is an old wine in a new bottle, there will be a lot of exciting changes to keep the fans hooked.

The first trailer of "I Choose You" has already been released, and it shows several scenes of the first episode of the original show. Apart from featuring Ash and Pikachu, it also reveals Ho-Oh. The legendary Pokemon will reportedly gain more spotlight in the film, than the original series. One of the significant changes to be introduced in the movie is that it will no longer feature the travel partners of Ash, Misty, and Brock.

In fact, there will be two brand new characters in exchange for them. Nevertheless, it is certainly very exciting to explore the journey of love and friendship of Ash and Pikachu. The unique blend of nostalgia and the introduction of new elements make the film a highly anticipated one among all the Pokemon fans.

Pikachu event: which special Pikachu will choose you?

The Pokemon Company International has also organized a special event releasing six different versions of Pikachu exclusively for the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players. The event kick starts from September 19 and will run up to the international debut of "Pokemon the movie: I Choose You." However, each player can only claim a single Pikachu out of the six variations through the Pokemon dot com website.

The Pokemon Company is working hard to come up with brand new Pokemon games and movies to keep the Pokemon culture growing. Following the release of "I Choose You", there will also be the first live-action Pokemon film, "Detective Pikachu", but no proper information pertaining to the script is available yet.

Have you watched the trailer of I "Choose You"? What is your opinion about it? Would you give it a big thumbs up or do you think the original one was better?