Wonder Woman” was a major blockbuster hit. According to many comic book fans, the superhero film saved DC from its lukewarm appeal and became the first major hit from the company. The success of Diana Prince didn’t just come from the United States as the film made history as the seventh highest grossing film franchise in the world. The film got a whopping $800 million dollars in worldwide sales, garnering fame for its overall cast and director.

Due to the success of the franchise, a sequel is now being developed by DC. Based on the latest news, looks like everybody from the film is being reported back by Warner Bros.

for another blockbuster hit.

Director is back for the sequel

Fans were quite surprised when the news came out that Warner Bros. couldn’t secure Patty Jenkins for “Wonder Woman 2.” Everybody wondered what could possibly be hindering the director to come back after her phenomenal success with the franchise. However, the film company is persistent and after negotiating a much bigger salary for the sequel, the director is finally confirmed on board.

According to a report by DenOfGeek, Jenkins has successfully sealed the deal with Warner Bros. Her contract is now solid with Jenkins not only directing the “Wonder Woman 2,” but also co-writing and producing the film. The news also revealed that the box-office director is said to be promised a salary weighting between $7-9 million.

With this hefty deal, Jenkins will once again make history as the highest paid female director in the world. The amount will be much higher than her former salary for “Wonder Woman” which only gave her $1 million.

Negotiations were difficult

Negotiating with Jenkins was quite challenging. The meetings between the company’s team and the director were reported to take longer than usual transactions.

However considering her skill and achievement, it was all worth the effort. After all, Jenkins is not just your average director. She has been recorded to be passionate about her films. One good example is the time when the director had to fight for the significance of the iconic No Man’s Land scene. Back then, Jenkins insisted that the scene was important not because it showed Diana’s powers; but because it showed Diana finally becoming the “Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman 2” is the upcoming sequel to DC’s blockbuster hit “Wonder Woman.” The movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins and will on once again feature Gal Gadot as the iconic Diana Prince. As of now, the film’s storyline is still shrouded in mystery as the production is just starting to come together. More details are expected to come out soon.