After much anticipation, Niall Horan has finally announced the Release Date for his debut solo album.The 24-year-old star broke the news to his fans on Thursday via Twitter.

Horan, who's known for being a member of One Direction, shared that his first solo record will be named Flicker, and it will drop on October 20th. The singer also released a new single to commemorate the occasion.

Niall's journey

To the disappointment of fans everywhere the famous boy band One Direction announced they were going on a hiatus in 2016. The group, who rose to fame in 2010, managed to gain a substantial amount of popularity after a short period of time.

The positive aspect to come of the break was that the members of the band had each embarked on their own solo projects, with Niall Horan being one of them.

In 2016, shortly after the band's hiatus had started, Horan signed a deal with Capitol Records. Back in September his first new single, titled "This Town", was released to a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

The singer shared another new song in May of this year, equally popular to his first one, called "Slow Hands." He even announced his first tour called "Flicker Sessions 2017", which started in Dublin this past August.

But it wasn't until now that the new album was announced.

New music

On Thursday night, Horan finally shared on Twitter what most of his fans have been eagerly awaiting: the date for his debut record. The album, titled Flicker, will come out on October 20th of the present year.

During the announcement he echoed the feelings of his followers by stating that the new music has "been a long time coming", he also added that he hopes everyone enjoys the record.

The post was accompanied by the cover art for the album, which features a close up picture of Niall. Teen Vogue is speculating that the nature of the photo could be a metaphor for the record, calling it "up close and personal." We'll have to wait until October to see if it's true.

At midnight of the same day, Horan also shared a treat for fans and released a new single called "Too Much To Ask." On Twitter, the singer explained that he's been waiting a long time to share this song because it's "very special" to him and one of his favorites from the record.

According to Billboard, Niall's previous songs, both debuted on the Billboard Hot 100. "This Town" made it on the #20 spot, while "Slow Hands" got #14.

Horan is scheduled to visit other European cities for the rest of his tour. Afterwards, he will play in countries like Australia, Brazil, and Japan.