The New York Fashion Week was getting more intense as it entered the fourth day of the show with fashion icon Victoria Beckham showcasing her latest collection, The Guardian reported. She presented her creations that focused on feminism, which were described as “stylistically elevated and familiar.”

One of the things that this former Spice Girls member has is her talent for being a renowned fashion designer. Aside from being a businesswoman, model, and singer, she also heads the fashion department of Beckham Enterprises, The Guardian noted.

The New York Fashion Week featured her latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection which was generally simple.

It included loose linen-made clothes, blazers that were worn as layers, vividly designed trousers and fantastic tailoring.

The internationally acclaimed designer veered away from what other designers presented as avant-garde and weird. As a matter of fact, she used color schemes such as moss green, pistachio, red and lilac to ensure that her collection goes with the summer and spring trends.

Beckham described her collection as delicate with “many powers of femininity.” She told The Guardian that she used “play-doh and ice cream colors,” adding that they were fresh and summer-inspired but without too much of the sweetness. She noted that her designs had a different feeling, without veering away from being “fresh, cool and interesting.”

Supportive loved ones

Victoria Beckham’s husband David and her eldest son Brooklyn were sitting in the front row to support her during the show, The Evening Standard reported.

The publication shared photos of David smiling as he conversed with the other attendees of the show.

The famous football player was wearing a simple black ensemble, while Brooklyn went stylish by wearing a black-and-white striped shirt as they took photos of the models walking the runway. Beckham’s fashion design career is a journey back and forth from Los Angeles to London to finish her collections.

She has a luxurious market and a fan base around the world, which are reasons why she has to spend more time perfecting her collections. Because she has to travel around the world, she makes sure her designs use light fabrics.

Visual spectacle

The New York Fashion Week also presented the Spring 2018 collection of Berlin-based brand Namilia.

It was also about feminism, as the designs were inspired by the female genitalia, New York Post reported.

The presence of hoop skirts, balloon sleeves, and the shape of the body organ through feathery fabrics was noticeable. The week-long runway show will run until September 13.