The “Tomb Raider” franchise has been around for quite a few years, significantly impacting in the gaming industry. Series protagonist Lara Croft is a fine example of a strong female lead as she explores various dungeons and tombs in search of treasure. The video game series had gotten reboot a few years back, completely rehauling Lara’s personality. The upcoming “Tomb Raider” film is using the 2013 game as its main foundation, with the new trailer shows off a grittier Croft.

Croft is back on the big screen

While The “Tomb Raider” franchise is better known as a video game series, it’s gotten a few films in the past starring actress Angelina Jolie.

Now, actress Alivia Vikander will be portraying the newest iteration of the British explorer in the 2018 film. The trailer will feel oddly familiar if you’ve played the 2013 reboot since the film will take plenty of inspiration from the games. The story picks up after Lara’s father’s death, with her learning about The Tomb for the Mother of Death he had been tracking down. However, a dangerous group called Trinity is also looking for the tomb.

Through a pre-recorded message, Lara’s father asks her to stop the group from seeking the treasure, which leads her to carry out her father’s last wish. On the way to the tomb, her ship gets destroyed and she becomes a castaway on a deserted island. Judging from the scenes in the trailer, the movie is jam-packed with fight scenes, deadly traps, and plenty of tomb raiding.

2013 reboot

Back in 2013, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics released the “Tomb Raider” reboot for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game was a fresh start for the series, giving the developers the creative freedom they needed to mold Lara into a completely new character. Instead of being a heartless killer, Lara starts out as a naive explorer who soon evolves into a hardened adventure during her time on the deserted island.

The gameplay was also drastically changed from the previous installments as players could fully explore the island and discover different tombs and secrets. Lara also had access to many weapons and exploration tools as she progressed through the island. There were some pretty brutal death scenes in the 2013 reboot as Lara could get impaled, smashed, crushed, shot, and more. Critics and fans praised the game for trying something new, while still trying to remain faithful to the franchise. “Tomb Raider” is slated to release March 16, 2018.