Nathan Griffith is tired of hearing Jenelle Evans talk about him and his custody agreements on "Teen Mom 2." Jenelle claims she has moved on from Nathan and their drama, but it is clear that they are still involved somehow as they have to figure out what works for Kaiser.

They are both parents to this little boy and they want the best for him. However, Nathan has been accused of taking drugs and Evans has no problem slamming him on national television. He now wants his name clear and he's ready for their upcoming court date. On Twitter, he decided to share his side of the story and he may have a good case.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now revealing that he's tired of hearing stories from Jenelle about his supposed drug use. Of course, Griffith is working out a lot in the gym and she could be referring to a steroid use rather than hardcore drug use, such as heroin.

Jenelle was addicted to heroin for a while, so it makes sense that she would be quick to talk about drugs. She was able to beat it and she suffered a lot in terms of custody and losing her chance to get Jace back. Perhaps she wants to do the same with Nathan. On the social network, Nathan reveals that he's ready for their upcoming custody battle in court over little Kaiser.

Will Kaiser switch homes?

Nathan Griffith is ready to become the primary caretaker for little Kaiser if the courts grant him primary custody.

He has been fighting for time with his son for months and on "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle keeps saying that she's trying to get Nathan to see Kaiser. But as fans saw on the show this past week, David Eason had no interest in Evans reaching out to Griffith so he could see his son. He's tired of hearing rumors that he's on drugs.

When he couldn't bear to hear Jenelle's comment and accusations about him, he decided to lash out on social media.

He reminded her that they are set to meet in court on October 2 of this year to discuss the custody case.

Emergency hearing

Reports have surfaced that explain that Jenelle was brought to court for an emergency custody hearing, as Nathan Griffith's mother supposedly wanted Kaiser removed from the home. Nathan had learned that Jenelle's daughter Ensley had been tested positive for THC at the time of birth and this was concerning for Griffith and his family. They were concerned something would happen to Kaiser.

What do you think will happen with Nathan Griffith during their upcoming court date?