Nathan Griffith decided he no longer wanted to be with Jenelle Evans after she gave birth to Kaiser a few years ago. He was tired of her behavior and when she fought back, he accused her of being obsessed with him. Jenelle then accused him of cheating on her. When they had Kaiser, many "Teen Mom 2" fans expected that they would be together for a while as she chose to have a baby with him. However, they broke up shortly after and fans wondered why they had a baby together.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now revealing that he has moved on with his life.

Even though Jenelle quickly moved on with her life and is now getting married tomorrow, Griffith hasn't rushed into anything. He hadn't gotten another girl pregnant, he doesn't have a child on the way, and he hasn't gotten married. Instead, Nathan appears to be taking his time and enjoying the dating life.

Not wedding for himself

Even though Nathan Griffith isn't super active on social media, he has revealed that he is in a relationship. He is tweeting sweet things to her and she recently went all out for his birthday celebration. But a recent post on social media had fans believing that he had popped the question and the two were getting married. Now, Nathan is speaking out and he's revealing that he's not engaged and he's not getting married.

For a while, fans accused Nathan Griffith of posting and then deleting the post where he supposedly revealed he was engaged. There appears to be some mix-up with a ring and Nathan is being accused of deleting this post, possibly in an effort to hide the engagement.

But it sounds like Nathan Griffith isn't hiding anything and he doesn't want people believing that he is engaged.

Keeping Kaiser from wedding

Nathan has been going through some custody issues with Jenelle Evans. Apparently, he gets Kaiser on the weekend where Jenelle is getting married, which is this weekend.

Because of the drama they have been through, he isn't sure he's going to switch weekends to accommodate his ex-girlfriend. He isn't sure about giving up time with Kaiser to ensure that he's present at his mother's wedding. No word on what he decides to do, but one can imagine that Kaiser would want to be with his mother on her wedding day, even if Nathan doesn't get along with Evans.

What do you think about Nathan Griffith's post on social media about denying his engagement? Do you think he should get engaged now that Jenelle has moved on as well?