Meghan King Edmonds seems to be all about her baby on "The Real Housewives of orange county" these days, except for when she spends some time with her co-stars. Meghan has revealed that she's hormonal and she shows it as she broke down when Kelly Dodd told her to spend more time with her daughter, and when Lydia McLaughlin didn't take her side in a recent argument. Perhaps her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars realize that they need to take it easy around her, as she broke down crying several times. Despite being hormonal, Meghan is now revealing that she's shocked that Vicki Gunvalson would talk about Tamra Judge's marriage behind her back while filming a national television show.

According to a new set of tweets, Meghan King Edmonds is now breaking her silence about Ricki, the man who claimed to have seen Tamra's husband Eddie Judge make out with another man. Apparently, there had been rumors circulating for months about Eddie possibly being into guys, but this man claims to have seen him make out with another man. He felt he could be trusted because he served as Eddie's best man at his wedding to Tamra. He revealed this on Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

A possible setup

While Vicki has revealed she was shocked after hearing the accusation, Kelly Dodd and the other wives there took it for face value. However, Meghan, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador all felt that it was a setup.

They felt that Vicki had set up the whole scenario and they called attention to the way she reacted when she heard Vicki talk about it.

On Twitter, Meghan King Edmonds slammed Ricki for speaking about against Tamra and Eddie.

She called his credibility into question, as he had served as the best man at Tamra's wedding just a few years prior. How could he turn so fast on the couple, and now slamming Eddie for making out with another man - as if being gay was such a horrible thing? According to Meghan, nothing was making sense.

Denies knowing his side of the story

Vicki Gunvalson denied knowing what Ricki would bring to the table during her birthday party. Tamra and Meghan King Edmonds may question what he was even doing at the party, as he may just have stopped by to gossip about Judge. All of the ladies who don't like Tamra were there, and they all indulged in the gossip. If Vicki really does want to make peace with Tamra, she should have shut it down.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds calling his credibility into question?