Marilyn Manson has no problem when other artists consider him to be their musical influence. In fact, he even is fine with the younger generation of artists wearing his merchandise in their shows.

The "Heaven Upside Down" artist, however, did not approve when he saw Justin Bieber wearing his shirt on his "Purpose" world tour concert. Billboard wrote that Marilyn Manson did not hesitate to confront the Canadian artist when they met at a fancy bar.

Manson explains ongoing beef with Bieber

The two singers even had a heated exchange of words over the issue.

"I saw a little girl in a pink hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be [Justin] Bieber," he said, according to Billboard.

The 23-year-old artist then fired back when he was confronted for wearing the same clothes, Justin Bieber claimed that he had made Marilyn Manson "relevant again" by wearing his clothes onstage. Infuriated with what he heard, the band leader confessed that he had to make up a story as part of his revenge.

"I reply, "That was a great idea you had about doing [my song] "The Beautiful People" at your show at Staples Center tomorrow.” And he goes, “Yeah, it was,” not knowing that I told him an idea that I had just made up," he explained.

He continued and asked Justin Bieber's manager the time of their soundcheck the following day.

Obviously, Marilyn Manson did not show up for the rehearsal which he said was his revenge after the pop singer insulted him.

Despite their dispute, Marilyn Manson decided not to sue Justin Bieber and his team for using his image for the pop singer's concert merchandise. He, however, insisted that the whole drama would not have escalated if the "Despacito" singer did not insult him during the confrontation.

Bieber sports Manson shirts in concerts and public appearances

It is worth noting that Justin Bieber sold Marilyn Manson t-shirts as his own tour merchandise when his "Purpose" world concert kicked off in 2016. The controversial shirt design had Marilyn Manson's face printed in front, while Justin Bieber's name was written on the back.

According to Vanity Fair, the $195 shirt was a bestseller at the Barneys New York. Marilyn Manson and his team refused to comment when asked if the pop singer sought permission for using the image.

However, the 48-year-old band vocalist seemingly took a shot at Justin when he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt and wrote, "Bigger than Bieber."