International pop singer Taylor Swift just released another single from her album “Reputation” last weekend. The new song is titled “Ready For It,” and it has sexy beats.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the new song was teased during the Florida State vs. Alabama college football match shown on ESPN. Then, the audio version of “Ready For It” was uploaded on YouTube last August 3. The song has gathered more than four million views as of press time.

“Ready For It” is the second single off her newest album “Reputation,” and it follows the release of her first single “Look What You Made Me Do.” It is the record’s lead-off song and talks about the feeling of a new relationship.

For Harry Styles or Joe Alwyn?

Some words from the lyrics read, “Knew he was a killer, First time that I saw him, Wondered how many girls he had loved and left haunted.” These particular statements talked about the lover’s first impressions upon the guy in the beginning of a relationship.

Then, the first-person character moved forward to keeping the guy forever. The lyrics went on, “He don’t try at all, though, Younger than my exes, But he act like such a man, so, I see nothing better, I keep him forever, Like a Vendetta.”

Fans speculated that her newest song was directed at Harry Styles, who was one of Swift’s previous boyfriends. Other fans thought that it alluded to actor Joe Alwyn, who the female singer has been dating.

The first-person then went on talking about her reputation and starting a new relationship. It had sexy lyrics that read, “In the middle of the night... You should see the things we do, are you ready for it?”

The tease

The female pop singer once again creatively publicized the song to her fans, prior to the time of the release.

Hollywood Life reported that Swift teased the fans earlier before the football match, by posting this on Instagram: “Alabama VS. Florida State.”

Fans then waited for the telecast of the game to see if she will reveal something during the show. They tuned in to find out that there was an ABC promo about “Ready For It.”

The lead-off single is available for download on iTunes, Target, Walmart, and from Swift’s official online store.

It can be played in full, but only its audio version on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming systems. The narrative and the rhythm of the song follow her new branding which is generally about bidding goodbye to her old self and welcoming her new image -- fiercer and stronger.