Leah Messer has been sharing her life with her "Teen Mom 2" fans for the past few years and she has been very open about what she's dealing with. Leah doesn't hold back when she's discussing the hardships she's going through, including raising a daughter with special needs. Messer is currently struggling with the decision about her daughter Ali, as she doesn't want to use her wheelchair. Leah kept trying to push her daughter to use the chair because she wanted her daughter to feel better. However, Ali wanted to walk and run like her sisters.

Of course, her life doesn't change much when she's raising the little girl.

The struggles are similar, especially since Ali is constantly in a back-and-forth battle. For years, Ali has fought to be like her sisters, but Leah and Corey Simms have tried to address her needs. This is her primary storyline for "Teen Mom 2." But it sounds like people are growing tired of hearing about her struggles. According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer keeps tweeting about positivity and she keeps talking about her struggles, and her ex-husbands, but fans are growing tired of it. It seems like her storylines are repetitive and fans want something new.

Caught up in ex-husbands?

On "Teen Mom 2," Leah Messer is constantly talking about how her daughter misses her father, how she's co-parenting with Corey Simms, and how she's raising her daughter who has special needs.

But people are growing tired of the constant positivity and her scenes on the show. One person admitted that it was so boring that she would fast forward through her scenes.

"Not interested in her storyline at all I always fast forward through it. Every once in a while I will keep it on to see if any interesting. But nope she is always whining how she wants the dads to step up.

Well, you shouldn't have gotten knocked up Also fabricated storyline about adoption," one person revealed on Instagram, sharing that the storylines are exhausting.

Career choices

These days, Leah Messer is realizing that she wants to be a public speaker. She has realized that she wants to help people in need and she wants to move forward with her life.

While the lipstick business was interesting to her for a while, she's realizing that it isn't something for her. While her public speaking wasn't amazing on last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," it's awesome that she has found her passion.

What do you think of Leah Messer's storyline on the show? Do you think she's repeating the same thing every week on the show?