Leah Messer is determined to make a better life for herself than what she has been offering her three daughters. Over the past couple of years, Leah has struggled with some personal issues, including depression and anxiety. At one point, her daughter's disability resulted in her feeling very down and sad about everything, and her husband at the time, Jeremy Calvert, noticed how his wife was changing. He claimed that she was not the person who he had married and he wanted a divorce. Interestingly, the "Teen Mom 2" star saw her second divorce as motivation to change and she went to rehab to get help.

She also changed her attitude around. Messer is all about positivity now. Despite having dated since her divorce, Leah claims she's not Dating these days. Yet, she posted some interesting dating pictures online recently.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer was joking about what it is like to be on a horrible date. While the picture she shared on Instagram was just a funny quote, one has to wonder if she has indeed gone on any dates even though she hasn't opened up about this part of her life on "Teen Mom 2."

Dating advice

Perhaps Leah would argue that she's not the person to ask when it comes to dating advice. She has been busy taking care of her daughters for the past few years and she has revealed that she's dedicating her time to go to school.

However, Messer did relate to a quote online about being on a boring date and she decided to share it with the world.

"When your date is lame af and all you can think about is how many shots of vodka can you drink to make him interesting without dying...," read the quote on Instagram she shared, to which she herself added, "Who all has this happened to??"

Perhaps she has tried to a few horrible dates.

Maybe she's keeping this part of her life private as she doesn't want her daughters to watch the show later and see these horribles dates. Plus, she may not want the viewers to judge her, simply because of a bad date.

Special needs child

Leah Messer is one of the only "Teen Mom 2" stars who have a child with special needs. One can imagine that she wants to focus on her child rather than find fame in Hollywood.

Many of the other "Teen Mom" stars are dating older men, guys who want to get into the spotlight, and some of them are even moving around the country to pursue careers in the entertainment field. However, it sounds like Leah's focus is on her daughters.

What do you think about Leah Messer posting about dating being boring? Do you think she's been going on dates without telling her fans about it?