Reality television star Kylie Jenner says she felt insecure for having small lips after the guy she had her first kiss with insulted her. The 20-year-old socialite opened up to a therapist about the encounter during an episode of E!'s "Life of Kylie."

First kiss gone wrong

"I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips," Kylie is seen telling her therapist, "I had really small lips."

Jenner said her insecurities escalated after her first kiss. She says the guy poked fun at her for having a small pout. Kylie revealed that as a teenager she took the comment quite seriously and that it affected her outlook on her appearance.

The star admitted she didn't feel desirable or pretty and "really wanted bigger lips." As most of the pop culture world knows, she ended up getting them done.

Kylie's therapist can be seen telling her how it's "amazing" how people can be so hurtful with just a few words that really get "right in there."

Kylie has been the subject of many social media conversations, and it's speculated she's had major plastic surgery throughout the last few years.

Ridiculed by family

Earlier this year, her sister and Victoria's Secret model Kendall Jenner made remarks about Kylie and her decision to get lip injections. During the episode, Kendall was working on the "Kendall + Kylie" collection, and Kylie was attempting to calm her sister down in an apparent moment of stress.

Although it seemed that Kendall was trying to comfort her older sister by saying they "got this," Kendall lashed out at Kylie and compared her appearance to that of a Bratz doll. Kylie seemed to be sensitive to the comments by her reaction.

During the most recent episode of "Life of Kylie," the 20-year-old made references to the rocky relationship she has with her parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, and her sister.

"I butt heads with my parents and Kendall. It's three Scorpios against one Leo in the house. We're the worst signs to be together. We're not like compatible," she said. Kylie cited the strong personalities as a reason behind the tension but also mentioned that she feels singled out most of the time.

"It's always them against me," she added.

During the 30-minute episode, Kylie was also seen traveling to Peru with her friend and mother to visit children in need. The family was working with the Smile Train organization, which helps children with cleft lips and palates.

The business mogul launched a special edition of her lip kit last year and donated 100 percent of the sales to the organization.