Empire returned to television for its fourth season this week and if the season premiere is any indication of things to come then this season may be the most frustrating yet.

In past seasons it's been hard to spot the difference between Lucious and Lucifer himself but this season has taken an interesting twist. Lucious has lost his memory and gained this childlike innocence that seems just a little too good to be true. When looking at the new and relatively speaking, improved Lucious, one has to wonder what is Empire without the big bad Lyon?

Seeing Lucious as the family man everyone always wished he could be was actually a disappointment.

Though it's possible Lucious may no longer be the direct source of drama, there will be plenty. If the new logo is any indication, Cookie may be the new "bad guy" this season, taking over the role Luscious has always played in the business and the family. Cookie certainly had a very cold and self-serving attitude about the entire situation. Granted her frustrations are understandable. Lucious lost his leg, his memory, and apparently his mind for turning to his nurse played by Demi Moore. Demi's daughter Rumer Willis also joined the show last season and to say that the mother-daughter duo is not popular with Fans is quite the understatement. Viewers don't know what to make of Demi's overbearing character, but there appear to ulterior motives in the air.

Speaking of sinister women, Diana DuBois, was nothing short of scary. She made a comment about picking flesh of the Lyons' bones with her teeth and at that moment, the warm, loving image of Clare Huxtable that actress Phylicia Rashad once provided us, was completely shattered.

Everyone is out for revenge

With everyone distracted by the plots and schemes of these side characters, fans may be forgetting about someone.

With what feels like an eternity between seasons, it's easy to forget the sins of Lucious' past. He may be down a leg but is it possible that he still has the upper hand here? Lucious is not a stupid man, nor, despite his rollercoaster relationship with Cookie, is he forgiving. However, one fan's theory suggests that Lucious is playing dumb to get to the truth about what happened to him.

Is Luscious faking it?

Whatever the truth is fans are eager for Lucious to find out. The first episode was uncomfortable and off-putting, probably because people are not used to rooting for Lucious. Throughout the season's fans have developed a grudging respect for Lucious OG style, and hoped things would work out between him and Cookie, even if only for her happiness, but to see Lucious as innocent is something fans simply cannot wrap their heads around. Let us all remember cousin Bunkie. To find out what is going on in the ever crazy world of Empire tune into Fox every Wednesday at 8 pm.