On Friday, the internet was shocked when reports emerged that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, was reportedly pregnant with the famous rapper, Travis Scott. Different reporting outlets were surprised with the baby news. However, the Kardashians sisters have yet to confirm the real story.

Kris Jenner even told Ryan Seacrest that Kylie was not confirming anything yet to their family. A report from E! News revealed that Kim Kardashian-West just broke her silence recently following the pregnancy rumors. The elder sister of Kylie made a feisty response to a tweet which contained a link telling that Kim was not happy about her sister's pregnancy.

Fake story

While Kim clapped back to the publication, the reality star added that what has been posted was just a false story. She neither confirmed nor denied Kylie's pregnancy rumors; however, it was the first time for the 36-year old star to speak about her side of the story.

Another report from People emerged on Tuesday and it claimed that Kanye West's wife was not thrilled about Jenner's pregnancy. She was caught with her first reaction telling reporters, "Seriously?" Apparently, Kim took a lot of time to process the news and she did not respond to the reporters really well.

The pregnancy news first emerged when Kylie was spotted wearing an oversized shirt while going out with a friend on September 12.

As of now, the 20-year-old star has yet to confirm the pregnancy news.

Support for Kylie

While false reports claimed that Kim wasn't happy with Kylie's pregnancy, a source close to Kardashian-West told People that she's very happy for her younger sister.

She'll be fully supporting the 20-year-old star with her pregnancy. However, it was quite dynamic that Kylie hasn't been around with her boyfriend for quite a long time.

In her statement, Kim said, "No one saw this coming." Kim added that the entire clan was stunned by the pregnancy news after they have taken all their time and energy to hire a surrogate for their third child.

Kylie's relationship with Scott was quite new; hence, her family was also quite optimistic about the guy. The source confirmed that the Kardashian-Jenner clan didn't know him too well. Perhaps, they were also afraid for Kylie to get hurt at the young age.

Now that the news completely rocked online, Kim is already focused on the idea that a new baby is coming to their family. They also realized that Kylie's pregnancy is a great blessing because it is a new life added to their growing family.