Robby Hayes is currently on the hot seat over allegations that he cheated on Amanda Stanton with another woman he met on his business trip to Colorado. During the "Bachelor in Paradise" finale, the reality couple addressed the issue with contradicting claims and statements.

Although the mother of two previously claimed that all was well between her and her ex-boyfriend, their confrontation on the show failed to settle the issue that led to their breakup. In fact, the pair later took to social media to throw shade at each other over the controversial photo.

Hayes and Stanton's heated exchange on social media

In a lengthy post, Robby Hayes insisted that the allegations are "untrue" before he slammed Amanda Stanton for becoming a different person after they broke up. He also attacked his ex-girlfriend for failing to defend him from malicious criticism directed against him.

"That's not the behavior and accountability I expect from someone that 'CLAIMS' they care about me and was open to developing an 'ACTUAL' relationship," he wrote. "Yes, I'm friendly and personable with many people, but I have respect for myself and even the person I'm casually dating, so I keep my interactions appropriate."

Shortly after he released the statement, Amanda Stanton fired back and uploaded proof that Robby Hayes actually cheated on her.

According to reports, the image, where the male "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member was seemingly making out with another woman, was taken at a Zac Brown Band concert.

What went wrong between the 'Bachelor in Paradise' couple?

The man on the hot seat had previously denied any involvement with the woman in the photo.

But regardless of what has been said on the issue, Amanda Stanton firmly believes that the two were kissing in the controversial picture.

She also claimed that several other sources have reached out to her with stories of what took place in Colorado. After the Twitter war, Kathryn Palmer gave her two cents worth on the issue and defended Robby Hayes from his haters.

The MTV personality was previously linked to the male model before "Bachelor in Paradise" kicked off. Both parties, however, clarified that they are just close friends.

In fact, Kathryn Palmer has nothing but kinds words about Robby Hayes who she commended for being a "really good person." She explained that her close pal joined the reality dating program with good intentions and reassured that he did not mean to hurt anyone over the issue.

"I feel so bad for him. That's not who he is. I don't think he should be portrayed like that," she added.