Poor Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell had a wedding day clouded by drama. But neither Josh Duggar, an incest lawsuit, nor an unwed pregnancy rumor seemed to blot out the couple's sun. That said, "19 Kids and Counting" fans still have questions. Did Josh and Anna Duggar appear in "Counting On?" Is she still pregnant or did they bring a new baby? What's with three-months married Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and the five-months pregnant baby bump? Why are some Duggar sisters suing Arkansas police?

Joseph Duggar and child bride talk first kiss

Reality TV viewers will recall that the "19 Kids and Counting" stars don't kiss till their wedding.

That's probably why Jim Bob Duggar marries them young and rushes courtship. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were married only months after courting began. 19-year-old Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth made a record dash to the altar months ahead of schedule. "Counting On" star Joseph Duggar is 22 and wife Kendra Caldwell is 18. But they're old enough to know they like kissing.

Did Josh Duggar show up to wedding?

He did, and critics thought Duggar had some nerve after Ashley Madison, the cyber adultery, the porn addiction, and pedophilia admissions ended "19 Kids and Counting." But the eldest needs "Counting On" reality television income, and he'll need it if he's going to fight his siblings in court.

Josh molested his sisters, and they are suing InTouch Weekly and Springdale cops for listing which ones. Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Joy, and Jinger filed a lawsuit, and Duggar wants in on it because he feels his privacy was violated too, but they asked a judge to disallow it.

Did 'Counting On' show Josh and Anna Duggar?

TLC has so far refused to feature Josh and Anna in "Counting On" after the "19 Kids and Counting" scandal.

Joe and Kendra were married in a private ceremony, and TLC hasn't aired the reality television episode yet. When they do, folks will see the couple in a rare appearance though the camera tries to avoid them. But Anna Duggar will stick out like a sore thumb because she's either pregnant or has a new baby. Despite her husband's sex rehab stint, she is expecting baby five.

And conjugal visits would explain Josh's aborted therapy.

Which Duggar family was pregnant at the wedding?

Joy-Anna showed off her a larger than expected baby bump, which prompted surprise pregnancy rumors. Anna Duggar wasn't seen much, and Joy was probably happy for it after her sister-in-law called Austin "immature and lacking character." Anna was still pregnant because "19 Kids and Counting" mom Michelle Duggar hasn't posted anything on Facebook or the Duggar Family blog about a new grandchild. And you can be sure she will. No matter how unpopular the father is, the Duggars are "Counting On" 100 or more grandchildren. So Josh and Anna must make their contribution.