Kailyn Lowry may have gone through quite a bit when she was filming "Teen Mom 2," but Kailyn has never been involved with any kind of drug scandal. Her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars have been involved in drug cases, addiction storylines, and battles with depression. While Lowry has admitted that she does have bipolar disorder and does have some mental issues, she has never made it a storyline to the point where she's battling with prescription drugs or is drinking behind closed doors. Kailyn has lashed out at Javi Marroquin during an argument and she physically lashed out at him.

Other than these violent outbursts, Lowry has only been mean through her words.

Despite not dealing with drugs or being addicted to pills, Kailyn is now retweeting Tweets from a rapper who is talking about Xanax. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is promoting the fact that people should stay clean and not get caught up in the drama of drugs, as they won't be able to do much with their lives. Of course, she could be sending this message to her fans to suggest avoiding drugs, but it is odd that she would share this tweet now as "Teen Mom OG" just dealt with a case of Xanax use.

Xanax use

Before airing the season finale of "Teen Mom OG," the producers warned viewers that the scene with Ryan Edwards driving a car was disturbing.

He was clearly under the influence of something, and when Mackenzie turned off the cameras, the microphone caught her asking him about Xanax. He claimed he wasn't under the influence, but he was not clean at the time.

As Kailyn Lowry reveals through her retweet, people should stay away from Xanax.

Perhaps she was trying to send a message to Ryan Edwards, who was clearly experimenting with drugs. Kailyn may be close friends with Maci Bookout because of their roles on "Teen Mom," so she may have used the retweets to avoid any drama with her friend.

Not the first drug discussion

Of course, Ryan's use of Xanax is far from the first discussion of drugs on the show.

Catelynn Lowell has been caught smoking pot to deal with her emotional issues, Amber admitted to taking pills years ago, and Jenelle Evans was once hooked on heroin. Of course, Xanax is a serious issue, especially since Ryan was driving under the influence. He was risking his own life, plus the life of Mackenzie. People were probably thankful that Bentley wasn't in the car with him at the time this was filmed.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's retweet about drugs?