Big Brother 19” spoilers reveal the final three now. The BB19” cast will have an Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (Sept. 14), setting up the houseguests for the summer 2017 season finale. While they still have to take the vote, it has already been revealed who will likely be sent packing. Christmas Abbott is the only one who has a vote in this crucial eviction episode.

There were previous “Big Brother 19” rumors about who was going to be in the final four and it worked out exactly as Paul Abrahamian had wanted. Alex Ow got voted out in a surprise eviction, leaving just Paul, Christmas, Josh Martinez, and Kevin Schlehuber in the game.

Though Paul and Josh had pretended they were keeping Alex around, they worked hard to have her sent to the “BB19” jury.

Who gets evicted on Thursday night?

Christmas Abbott is about to vote out Kevin Schlehuber. These “Big Brother 19” spoilers have been confirmed by footage from the CBS live feeds and it might just be a huge mistake for Christmas. It may have been a wiser move to keep Kevin in the “BB19” house and send Josh out the front door, but her alliance to Josh has just been too strong (and loyal) all summer long. To recap, Paul won the HOH and nominated Kevin and Josh for eviction this week.

Once Christmas has sent Kevin to the “BB19” jury, the final three houseguests will begin playing in the final HOH Competition.

This is where it gets very interesting, as Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez all have separate final two deals within that alliance. At least it means there could be some interesting episodes coming up for fans of the show and potentially some surprising “Big Brother 19” spoilers before the season comes to a close.

Does Paul deserve to be the ‘Big Brother 19’ winner?

There are only a few days left until the “Big Brother 19” winner is revealed during the September 20 season finale. Paul Abrahamian seems to be in the best position to take home the $500,000 prize, provided the “BB19” jury members aren’t too bitter about how he played the game this summer.

If they are, he could find himself in second place for the second-straight year. After that, fans can start looking forward to “Celebrity Big Brother” this winter.

The final three of Paul, Christmas, and Josh may have been pretty easy to predict for a lot of fans watching the show, especially since there were so many “Big Brother 19” rumors early on that Christmas and Paul knew each other outside of the house. Now they will battle it out to become the final Head of Household this season and gain the power to choose who sits next to them during the season finale. That concludes this latest batch of “Big Brother 19” spoilers.